Robust, excellent sound insulation, keep warm, resistant to humidity.

PVC film is made of polymeric materials



Resistant to mechanical damage and water, has smooth surface.

Coating is a durable synthetic material



Panel doors are safe, durable and environmentally friendly.

Interior doors of high quality and at reasonable prices



In addition to mass production of doors Kartallar Door company also manufactures doors for specific interior projects of villas, residences and homes, offices, hotels, educational institution, government agency and any private buildings.

Hotel Interior Doors

We carry out orders for the manufacture of doors for the hotel both for the domestic market of Turkey and to export. No matter in which country the hotel is located, we are ready to produce any quantity of doors, any design you need in very short period and export to your country.

Office Doors

Kartallar Doors offers special door solutions for all types of offices. For openspace offices in our collection there are such solutions as office dividers of any height and configuration, made of MDF, glass, or a combination thereof. For narrow offices we offer practical sliding doors.

Doors For Villas

Kartallar produce doors of any style, be it modern, country, traditional or avant-garde. Specially-designed doors will fit perfectly into the overall concept of your villa’s interior. The benefits of Kartallar doors are durability, aesthetics, and affordability.

School Doors

Doors in educational institutions, universities, schools must be durable and designed for high flow of students and teachers. Kartallar doors are ideal for this purpose. Good sound insulation ensures that nothing will distract from the educational process.